Jumar – Satisfy You (Official Music Video)

DOWNLOAD Official music video to ‘Satisfy You’ by Jumar. ‘Satisfy You’ also appears in ‘Jungle Summer Jam 2015’. DOWNLOAD: STREAM: © Ololo Ete Amejuma, distributed worldwide by Jungle Entertainment Ventures

Happy Birthday to MZ Kaiie

🙂 Hey y’all… This iz me using me blog to send a HBD shout out…(eccentric…yimu) :p to a special fwend… #InCaseYouNeverKnow me I dey NYSC camp since n she’s been z one making most of the posts on F9M ere. Thanks Mz Kaiie. I need a favour y’all. Follow her on twitter @Mz_Kaiie Visit her […]

Word from nedJamez

WORD FROM NEDJAMEZ Hey y’all, nedJamez here! ‘tis been a while since I actually dropped some words of ma own here on zis blog. I’ll try to KISS (keep it short & simple). Before I say the thangs I wann say… I must really thank all o’ you guyz, F9Mers! Y’all are awesome… I appreciate […]