Wilfred Okiche

Movie Review: Lara and the Beat is bright, beautiful…and basic

Biola Alabi Media (BAM), the content and production company founded by the former Mnet Africa strong woman hasn’t quite lived a thousand lives, but in the cutthroat world of independent film production, a second feature length is no walk in the park. In just under a year since 2017’s Banana Island Ghost, BAM renters the […]

360NoBs Film review: The Bridge

Lasun Ray has made a career out of producing and directing Yoruba film titles such as Ejika and Asiri Owo. As the son of iconic filmmaker, Adeyemi a�?Ade Lovea�� Afolayan, director, Kunle, comes from that same line of indigenous filmmakers. Before he made the ultimate crossover with The Figurine (Araromire)- shot in English and Yoruba-, […]

Movie Review: King Invincible

After the banner year that 2016 was for Nollywood, it is only fair that industry watchers and insiders begin to fret about the New Year. 2016 was the year Nollywood went to Toronto, the long awaited ’76 was finally released, the excellent Ebola response story 93 Days came in and the year of The Wedding […]

Movie Review: The Wedding Party

The trailer for The Wedding Party, the feverishly anticipated event movie from the quartet of EbonyLife Films, FilmOne, Inkblot Production and Koga studios is a glamorous, 3 minutes long mash up of popular faces and familiar romantic comedy tropes that stands the risk of giving the plot of the entire movie away. If the final […]

Album Review: On Stories that touch, Falz is the working man’s rapper

  Rappers who make albums that are widely considered underwhelming- from Mode nine to Reminisce- are quick to go on the defensive, eager to excuse themselves from complicity in the churning out of subpar material. ‘’We gave the people what they want’’ they say with all the condescension worthy of their talent. ‘’We wanted to […]

Headies 2015: Who will/should win? Our picks for the top categories

  We present our picks for the top categories at the Headies. Who deserves to win and who will be robbed? Let us guide you YEAR IN REVIEW: JULY 2014 – JUNE 2015) BEST RECORDING OF THE YEAR A non-voting category for the best single recording by an artiste or group in the year under […]