Kansiime Anne calls the police when she is bored [COMEDY VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD Once upon a time in Uganda, a lady was bored, she had no one to talk to, so she decided to call an emergency line in with the aim of catching fun, unfortunately a police officer answered her call thinking she was calling for something important. Lol.. Something went wrong during their convo. […]

Naija Boyz – Beyonce 7/11 African remix [VIDEO]

[youtube_poster url=””] Beyoncé – 7/11 Beyoncé African Remix by the Naija Boyz. Oh well at least now you know for sure. Released on Super Bowl Sunday as Naija Boyz own Halftime entertainment for your viewing pleasure. Gbosa! Watch am and maybe you too will hear the smell. This one features a cameo from their mother Summy […]

BasketMouth In Drive By Shooting In Lagos [COMEDY SKIT]

DOWNLOAD Basket mouth is here again o. Lol In this comedy skit, I think he’s kinda right. Drive-by shooting is quite difficult to pull off in Nigeria (Lagos) because after the shooting then you’ll have to deal with the traffic ahead. Watch this hilarious Video and enjoy how he really said it.

D’banj Vs Don Jazzy [COMEDY VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Start your weekend with this breath taking comedy video. Episode; “LMAO”, focus; “HOT SEAT”, who’s on the seat? “D’BanJ and Don Jazzy” Hehe! You really wanna know what led to their split? Then post and see for yourself….