Area – Rush Hour [COMEDY SKIT]

DOWNLOAD Producers of the popular short animated comedy series ‘AREA’ present their latest episode in the new season titled ‘Rush Hour.’ Oga Timothy ate hot beans before entering BRT. The other passengers in the bus did not know that their destiny was about to change…

Akpos In Bad Market [COMEDY VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD This is really funny. Akpos the Warri boy showed how smart he is in this comedy video when two people conspired to dupe him. He almost fell for it but he found a way to snap out of their devious plan. Do not be surprised he got into this mess in the first place […]

Pranking My Nigerian Dad [COMEDY VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD Nigerians can copy sha! Lol… Here is a funny video of a dude who told his dad he got an underage girl pregnant with the aim of getting a bad reaction base on “PRANKING” his dad reacted the other way round.. Lmao!! Download & see his dad reaction.

YellowMouth & Klint Da Drunk In Love With Same Girl [COMEDY SKIT VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD Here comes another hillarious comedy skit, which involves two best friends; one a drunkard, the other an albino, they both were in chase of the hottest girl in town. Mr Drunkard vs Mr Albino, who wins? Download & find out who actually got to win the girl’s heart.

Checkout this Video of Emmanuel Adebayor Dancing Shoki To Kiss Daniel’s Woju [VIDEO]

DOWNLOAD Kiss Daniel‘s Woju song has really Gone viral… Rite now it’s everybody’s favourite.. Checkout the Togolese Footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor doing the shoki-dance to the hit song. He shared this clip via his Instagram just before he went in for the Champions League game.