Here’s a really inspiring read. It’s an MIABAGA.com interview of Choc City’s no 1 Boss, Audu Maikori. I’m sure most of us do not know what it means to be a boss, less talk how to be one. Well let Audu school you…Enjoy ========================================================================== If there’s anyone who knows what it means to be a […]

The Pretty Rude Entertaining Interview (Exclusive P.R.E Interview)

Nigerian Artiste P.R.E (Pretty, Rude and Entertaining), who hails from the South-South region of Nigeria (Bayelsa), brings his own brand of Afro infused rap to the Nigerian and international music scene. Formerly one half of duo Twisted Minds, P.R.E strikes out on his own as a confident and outspoken artist with his individual style. He […]

Five Unbiblical Virgins

This post has been sitting in my memopad for months now. Stumbled across it the other day, decided twas time i dusted it, removed the cobwebs and posted already. WARNING: This post never happened. Ignore. Oh yes, uh huh vejayjays n virgins! And yes! there are still virgins in 2012 (a round of applause). NB: […]