Brymo – ‘I Am The Greatest Nigerian Musician’, Talks Forthcoming ‘Oso’ (Wizard) Album | Pulse TV

Brymo talks about his place in the Nigerian music industry, and why good content is better than pop music.

Brymo talks about his forthcoming album ‘Oso’ (Wizard). This will be his 6th album, which drops next year alongside his first book.

Brymo believes he is the greatest present day Nigerian musician going by his writing prowess, vocals and stage presence.

Brymo believes that there have breakout artists in 2017, contrary to popular opinion. He said the irony is that all the new artists that have done great so far this year are alternative artists.

He said the mainstream Nigerian music industry have refused to give due recognition to alternative songs or the great songs that are not dance songs.

Brymo cited Simi, Ladipoe and other Nigerian artists who are doing pop songs as part of the new breakout corner in Nigerian music which have not gotten due attention because they are considered and not dance songs.

Brymo aims to be greater than John Meyer who has everything he looks forward to in a musician.

Brymo ‘Oso’ (Wizard) album is based on research and bulk of the songs on the album were written on the piano. is Nigeria’s online news platform. 24/7 news, gist, music, movies, lifestyle, events, sports and more.




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