If Psquare should finally Breakup, Who will Excel more Individually?

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One of Africa’s excellent duo; Psquare just split up amidst a lot of controversies, and even though we will love them to be together, we still have to access the situation to determine if they will do better as Peter and Paul doing their thing individually.Over the years Psquare made major hits and rocked the entertainment scene within and outside the African continent.

The irony of their breakup is the lyrics of one of their song which says “Peter and Paul dem be one no be two” but this split up shows that they are individual humans and you can never predict the future!

News broke out days ago, after Peter who is now Mr. P made a public statement, about him terminating his agreement with Paul and Jude edges. The team had previously split, but after fans cried out, they got back together again. But now it’s obvious that they have split for good after the statement made by Mr. P where he cried out, saying his family has been threatened, and for the sake of peace, he has to back down. online Cheap

They are not the first team to split in Nigeria, as we reminisce on Plantashion Boyz, KC Presh and co. Plantashion Boyz split up and 2Face Idibia has done well for himself, creating international music and made himself a legend and an Icon. Faze Alone also did well for himself, but 2Baba properly outshined them. Black Face happens to be the black sheep as his music did not only do badly, but he always makes people believe he has hatred for the widely accepted 2Face, by negative comments he makes about him, and that has further tarnished his image. Cheap

KC and Presh split up and KC is doing very well while Presh seems to be in a hole somewhere in Madagascar.

Now Psquare has split up, and we can’t help but wonder if they will both excel in the industry, or will one follow the Black Face route?

What are your thoughts ??