P-Square, Paul Okoye, Peter Okoye & Jude Okoye…

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Believe me, it all goes way back in the day with Peter being more vocal while Paul and Jude are on the quiet side. Peter wants to go around with bouncers and security while Paul and Jude just to hang out quietly because that’s their personality.

So Paul hated hanging out with Peter because where ever Peter goes, he must make the ” I’ve arrived ” noise not because he’s but because he has a Mr Popular personality. We all have a friend like that.

So right from the get go, Peter and Paul have never really liked each other. Paul simply tolerated it because he needed Peter for music since he tried as a solo artist but never made it until Peter joined him but now he doesn’t need Peter anymore. He has enough money now and Jude as his paddy so he can’t be bothered which is why all this is now coming to limelight.

Like I said, anyone that knows them personally, knows Paul could never stand Peters guts even though they’re twins.

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