Six (6) Convincing Reasons Why You Should Not Become a Musician

iyanya2You might be wondering why we chose to discuss this topic when in actual fact, being an Entertainer (Artiste) to be precised is what a layman will describe as the Moving train. the profession might be the in-thing at the moment but we’ve made analysis and come to a conclusion and agreed on the adage “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

Musicians (Especially The Performing artistes) could be making a lot of fortune but here are in our opinion reasons why you shouldn’t consider taking it up as a career.

Diabolism: Arguably, to hit the limelight; about 60% of the most celebrated artistes across the world have done the unimaginable just to ensure they get to the desired level where they are today, some have sold their soul to the devil, shed blood, sacrificed a family member, or consecrate a crucial part of their body just to attain fame. This in recent times has been the major source of most act’s success story.

Controversies: We need not elaborate this as we have access to the internet to read all the emerging stories on social medias and Blogs especially Linda Ikeji :) , artistes seem not to be far from one controversy to another…it’s either cases of sexual abuse, social media fights, club/physical fights, or even the females showing off their nudes on social media…let’s not be in a rush to forget the recent Death Stunt by a Nigerian artiste! where are we heading to???? though most of these controversies are intended for publicity sake but adversely it drags one’s image to the mud in one way or the other.

Drug Addiction: Quote me anytime, these set of people are deeply involved in Hard drugs…i remember visiting one of the biggest Record label in the country and on arrival i embraced numerous empty and half-gulped bottles of Hennessy, Codeine and a silver tray filled with wrapped Indian Hemp openly displayed at the recording room of the building. It’s like a ritual; these people – both Male & Female get high all the time, during studio sessions, before/after their performance at shows, at their leisure time…i guess they believe it’s a major source of Inspiration and a way to conquer stage fright!