16 Reasons Why You Should Watch Skales' “Lo Le” Video


“Lo Le” is off Skales’ debut album – Man Of The Year (MOTY) and was produced by South African hitmakers – Uhuru; with the video directed by Stanz Visuals in Lagos, Nigeria. 

If you are yet to watch the buzzing visuals, here are 16 good reasons to do so – as written by Sodiq Ayinde

1. Dance hall artist Ketchup appears as his alter ego, MC LOVE
2. Skales’ longtime friend Stanz Visuals was responsible for directing the video
3. The video was shot on a private property in Lagos, Nigeria.
4. This is Ketchup’s second appearance as MC LOVE
5. The video had a pool party theme.
6. The song “Lo Le” is produced by Uhuru.
7. Yes, you’ve heard it before. Lole is another single off Skales’ “Man of the Year” Album.
8. Everyone in the video is friends with Skales – No Hired Model was required
9. The video was shot in one day
10. Lo Le is rumoured to be Skales’ next “SHAKEBODY”
11. Skales’ artist Attitude also made a cameo appearance
12. Before dropping the video, Skales via social media talked about his life struggles leading up to his success story
13. The video is hot and New.
14.The new celebrity trend “Hover-boards” were present in the video
15. The choreography on the video is top notch with GGB Dance Crew doing their thing
16. Fans on Social media have referred to the video as fire, with it premiering on every Music station, both Terrestrial and on Cable

Stream the video on YouTube below or post it HERE