6 reasons why you haven’t found true love [MUST SEE]



True love – It’s time to give your dating game a serious upgrade. Do your friends all seem happily in love while you struggle to find a date? Do you find yourself envious of other people because they have what you want? Are you losing your faith because of it?

Many people begin to question their faith when they don’t seem to be able to find “the One.” Keeping the faith is a hard pill to swallow because you must believe in the invisible.
The uncertainty of what is to come kills you on the inside to the point that you find yourself simply giving up the dream. I’ve seen so many times where people give up hope just when their dreams were almost realized. Let’s explore some of our most common excuses for being unable to find love:

6. “All men (or women) are no good!” 

FALSE. Do you really believe this? Many times, when I hear people say this, I know they have been hurt in their past and they’re letting their past dictate their future. They all say they’re over their ex, but the residue of bitter feelings still remains and poisons the next relationship. If you need to cry, meditate or find some other constructive way to vent your feelings, do that. Just don’t take it out on your future companion, hurting your chances of having a great relationship with the next person.

5. “He’ll find me.” 

TRUE AND FALSE. As the old saying goes, “When one looks, one never finds.” True, but you still have to be open to that person finding you too. I hear many of mygirlfriends say this, but then they’re not open to “Mr. Right” finding them either. If you’re not putting yourself out there, how is he supposed to find you.

4. “I’m just too busy.” 

TRUE AND FALSE. Well, if all you’re doing is going to work and going home then it’s possible you’re right. You will have to make the time for that special someone. Finding someone takes time and effort. Maintaining that relationship takes even more effort. But if you’re serious about having someone in your life, you’ll make the time. Prioritize!

3. “My destiny is loneliness.”  

FALSE. Just because you can’t get a date doesn’t mean you’re destined to become a spinster! It just means you need to try a little harder to find him. Maybe you need to go out more. If going out to meet people isn’t your thing, try dating online. Whatever you do, don’t give up!

2. “It’s the ratio of men and women.” 

FALSE. The only ratio is the one in your head! I can’t tell there is a ratio because people are still getting married. I’m sure if there was a decline in marriages because of the ratio, wedding planners would let us know immediately! You only need one person, and your chances of meeting him or her are still pretty good!

1. “I’m just too old.”

FALSE. You’re never too old to meet the One! I just helped a client get married, and they are well above the age that you would think people should marry.  They’re like school kids in love. You can’t tell if they’re 21 or 51! Age doesn’t matter when you meet the person you want to spend the rest of your life with as long as you meet them!
In short, I wrote this article to give a piece of encouragement to those of you feeling down and questioning your faith. Maybe God has not forsaken you, but you have forsaken yourself with your own set of excuses.
Many of the excuses we give ourselves are to avoid taking the action and the effort it takes to create a loving relationship. Maybe God wants to open doors for us but wants us to at least walk through them on our own.
I believe we create our own destiny in life. There are no excuses except the ones we create for ourselves.