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Hi y’all,

I am nedJamez, and this iz ma first blog (Please excuse ma lingo, me’s used to talking, typing, like zis). Keep yo agbadas on, I’ll try as much as possible to communicate!

Anywho, this blog is here to avail free download links to those songz (9ja) that aren’t readily available online for download. If it’s online, it’ll be posted here.

And hey, the download links are mobile friendly! Yep, y’all can use yo OperaMinis and Bolts and UCwebs, etc wifout hiccups.

Wat’s mo, y’all could make requests (for songz dat iz) and also contribute links to songz to da blog… Cool huh? Rite!

A’ight, me’s gonn start wif some of ma favourite songz (old) and ma boiz’ shi(Ma beat), before dishing out some of em new joints.

Once again, u’s welcome and I hope y’all enjoy yo stay here!


To the artists, while sending any material to nedJamezfor posting, please add a link to the already uploaded song. It can be uploaded anywhere like sharebeast.com, 4shared.com, 2shared.com, mp3twit.com, hulkshare.com, etc. then add any other info you would like to be included… Holla!

To y’all F9Mers, I would like just a few from thangs from y’all… Tell someone about watchu enjoying from zis here blog (Free9jaMusic.blogspot.com). Then while surfing z blog, you could drop a comment telling nedJamez and others: if you experienced any problem downloading a song; about a downloaded song you really liked…


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